RJ-MDKG follows double blind peer review system where neither the author(s) nor the reviewers know the identity of each other. There is a process to accept a paper for publication.

Process 1: The Author submits paper to Research Journal of MDKG

Process 2: The Editor-in-Chief, soon after receiving the paper checks whether at least 3 separate files (see checklist for attachment detail available in Guideline Section) are attached or not.

Process 3: After getting confirmed that at least 3 files are attached, he will initially check whether the paper is arranged as per guideline or not.

Process 4: After getting confirmed that paper is arranged as per guideline, Editor-in-Chief will encode the paper, omit the name and other details of the author(s) and put the date of submission of the paper to RJ-MDKG.

Process 5: Editor-in-Chief will send the paper to the reviewers via email.

Process 6: Editor-in-Chief will inform the author(s) about the review report via email.

Process 7: Decision of acceptance or rejection for publication will be taken on the basis of the response to review report by the author. It has been very strictly viewed that whether the modification if any suggested by the reviewers are done properly by the author(s) or not.

Process 8-a: If rejected, it will be communicated to the author with causes of rejection.

Process 8-b:
If accepted, It will inform to the author(s).

Process 9:
At per Process 8-b, the manuscript will be sent to the Proof Reading Team.

Process 10: Codes are decoded, Name and affiliation of the author(s) are inserted in the paper, date of acceptance is written and thus it is ready for PUBLICATION.
Review Process
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